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Football Teams of All Levels and Clinics!


I specialize in all areas of football.  I have several topics available for your program and can also tailor a topic to your needs.  Motivating your team, helping them overcome mental challenges, or executing their assignments both on the field and in the classroom/work environment will help your players and coaches be better athletes and people!

About me!


Having overcome physical challenges including scoliosis, hearing loss from birth, and club arms and feet (including deformed hands and no thumbs) has allowed me the perseverance to become a successful husband, coach, and special needs teacher.  Allow your organization to hear my story and be inspired!



I am able to tailor my presentation to any organization from companies to fortune 500s to education groups and everything in between.  Having never met a stranger I am able to communicate with anyone and everyone about a variety of topics.  If you are looking for the outside the box/unique speaker than look no further. Contact me today to find out how I can present to your organization.


Sports Teams Presentations!


Some of the presentations offered for football programs/clinics include not are not limited to:

1.  They're Not Clubs..They're My Arms.

2. Trusting your Teammates During the Game-Why Trust Develops Champions!

3. Why Working as a Team Allows for Success in Your Life!

4. Execution! Execution! Execution!

Other topics available upon request.

Educational Keynotes!


Motivational speaker keynotes offered for educational clinics include but are not limited to:

1.  They're not Clubs...They're My Arms.

2.  How to Stay CALM while being yelled at.  

3.  How to Work with Other Teachers to Include Your Special Needs Students.

 Other topics available upon request. 

Company Keynotes!


1.  They're not Clubs...They're my Arms.

2.   Why Working as a Team Allows for Success in Life. 

3.  How to stay CALM while being yelled at.

 Other topics available upon request. 

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Reviews and Testimonials

Mark Dalton, Tucson LDS institute on the U of A campus.


Andrew spoke at a Devotional for our Institute on October 11, 2019.  Brother Brown spoke for about 35 minutes, to over 60 students and he spoke to our students about relationships with real people.  

His message was well received and acknowledged and we are grateful that he reminded each of us that our lives involve people and not our phones-a timely reminder in our day and age.

We would recommend Andrew to speak at your activities, he has a natural way with people and he is approachable.

Thank you,

Kent H. Dalton


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C: 520-686-9057; andrew@andrewbrownspeaking.com

Contact Andrew via email or phone to discuss options for your upcoming clinic; training; or company retreat.  

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